Wednesday, January 9, 2013


So I have to say this kid LOVES to stack things!!! We decided after she started staking vitamins we should get her some blocks! She stacks the vitamin bottles, she stacks food or at least stands it up and she loves to stack her blocks :)

Library in Rigby... she loved stacking!!! She got 13 all by her self!

Stacking vitamins

standing up her food... silly girl.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Smart girl!

Kind of crazy not having internet because it forces me to sit down and think more about what I want to write and say and also I have more time to think of what has been going on. So anyway I would love to say I have the smartest baby ever but I’m sure there is some kid out there who is ridiculously smart and far more advanced but my kids no dolt! She may only be two but my little girl can count to 10! That’s right Samantha can count to 10. She gets stuck on 4 for whatever reason but she when she is concentrating it sounds something like this
Samantha “1,2,3,1”
Mom or Dad “4”
Samantha “5,6,7,8,9,10.”
It’s funny because when she gets to the end sometimes she starts shouting. She also knows some of her letters and when I was saying the alphabet to her the other day she knew what letter was next occasionally! What an amazing little girl! She drives me crazy sometimes but she is still absolutely amazing!

Since then it' is now January and Samantha is still learning like crazy! She is learning her shapes. Can count to 11 or 12 and knows her colors pretty well :) She amazes me daily at how much she learns :)

To The Drama Queen

Another no internet post from the past :)

Holy Drama Queens Batman! Wow so I don’t know if we have run into terrible twos or if some molar teething is going on or if she is just growing but man does this  kid have A LOT of break downs during the day. You ask her to do something and it turns into a cry fest for the next 10-15 minutes!

I have to say sometimes it makes me feel like a bad mom because all the screaming and crying is often reciprocated with more screaming on my part. I always feel even worse when I think if the Savior was standing here this is not how he would be treating her… I know we can’t be perfect in this life but I wish I were better than I am right now. It will be a goal. It just feels rather like an overwhelming one! I just wish I knew what I could do to make her less fussy. I keep trying to tell her to use her words but, well she is two so it’s a battle!

She has been much better recently :)

Another post I wrote with no internet

So this is another post from forever ago when I didn't have internet but I thought I would put it up anyway!
Happy Anniversary
It seems like such a short time ago I was posting on how fast time had gone by and it was my second anniversary and here I am already at my third. The day always seems to pass by far to quickly but I suppose that’s why they tell you, you should enjoy every day . Search for the blessings you’ve been given.
            My anniversary started early this year, in the morning that is. Dan poor guy had a cold and couldn’t sleep well but it was nice just to sit and chat in the dark. Then when it was about time to get up he was so excited to give me the present he said he got me. J He informed me that the girl at the check out wished someone would get this for her… what was it you ask it was a MASSIVE box of chocolates! 52 pieces of chocolate !!! So with that I pulled out the large heart shaped shortbread cookie I had made him the day before. So we had some sugar for our “first breakfast” as the hobbits might call it and chatted a little more before we had morning scriptures and prayers, then off the the kitchen!

I made Dan homemade biscuits and a packet of gravy while he fried up some bacon. And all that went along with some orange mango juice, YUM! So the three of us enjoyed breakfast then it was off to institute for some learning of scriptures. I love the teacher she is a cute older lady who always seems so happy, just makes you smile! From there it was on to the store to pick up a few things then our storage to get our washer and dryer!!! We happened to have the best realtor ever and he came with his truck to help us out.

We got the washer and dryer back to our “temporary digs” as Dan likes to call it and then I warmed up some lunch for our realtor and then some for the rest of us. Then it was nap time for everyone!

After nap we dropped Samantha off at a friend of ours who has a little boy who is a little less than 6 months younger than Samantha. They had Meet the Robinsons on so we dropped off her stuff and she looked up and said “Bye” and off we went.

From there we went to look at a car which Dan likes so we brought it along with us… Happy Anniversary I guess?! We got a little lost trying to find our hotel and then a train came and we had to wait for him, for what seemed like forever! A nice man came by and told us we could get through farther on and how to find out hotel. So finally we arrived!!! We stayed at a place called the Destinations Inn. It’s a fun place that does themed rooms. We got upgraded to a different room than we had anticipated because they were doing a cleaning of the other room. We stayed in Venice. The tub was a gondola , surrounded by real water, that one was a surprise to find out J. The table for breakfast was up a small flight of stairs that made it look like it was on a walk out from a nice room. They had a BIG shower / steam room. It was a beautiful room!!!

It was off to dinner at Famous Dave’s, they unfortunately didn’t have any lemonade and they had just put in the meat that I wanted so I had to choose something different! Sad but true but none the less the food was good and it was nice to be able to have a dinner alone to ourselves. We ran around did a few thieses and that’s then back to the hotel where we soaked in the Jacuzzi tub then ate complimentary cheese cake and martinelles sparkling cider, exchanged cards and love letters then watched While You Were Sleeping. It had been a long day so it was off to bed after that!

Happy Anniversary to my Love!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Drum Roll Please...


So if you didn't know I'm pregnant! As of December 15th I will be 22 weeks along (just over 5 months). We found out the 10th we are having a little boy.

He liked to tip his head back :)

Look at that cute little face!

Said he's looking healthy and strong. Good heart beat!

Owen playing peekaboo. Covering up his face.

All curled up...  little spine, back bone, I think she said the black spot is his stomach. Ultrasound tech said he weighs about a pound.

His little foot :)
 This pregnancy has been a lot different than the last. A lot easier... not that the last one was that bad. But there is less nausea with this one and it was over sooner. Tired is still the same but besides that life has been good. I am excited to have a little boy and discover what that is like.

I hope Samantha gets use to having someone else around but that is part of life I suppose. She got a baby doll from the neighbor girl and she carries it around, wants to change it's diaper and give it water :) She also loves going to a friend of ours who have a 2 month old. She gives her toys, wants to help feed her, and wants to give her hugs. I'm hoping she is a good big sister :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A skip and a jump :)

So our skip was yet another temporary housing situation...
Wasn't our first choice to have to find another place but the Bishop of our church was kind enough to let us stay with them for 3 or 4 days. They have a beautiful home and they were a major blessing to us! They are absolutely wonderful people and I am grateful that I know them!!!
Samantha absolutely loved their dog Toots :) She chased that dog around all day everyday while we were there.

And our jump WE ARE FINALLY HOME!!!! What a blessing! We are loving our new house! All new windows on the main floor and upstairs, beautiful blue paint, amazing kitchen cabinets and countertops and on top of that it's OURS or as Dan says the debt is ours. It was a wait but what a blessing to have such a beautiful new home :)

Photos of the before, the fire, progress and the now!

When we just planned on buying the house... first upstairs room


top of the stairs

2nd upstairs room

down the stairs and the extra storage space at the top

corner of the second room...

basement... less stuff but it still looks about the same.

dining area...

Kitchen and back door

Other side of the kitchen

Living room

Second room downstairs...

Bathroom... still looks about the same(fire didn't get it)

Living room and storage in the hall...

First bedroom downstairs.


After the fire, a little overwhelming... lots of smoke and heat damage

closet. You can see where the nails got so hot they popped!

2nd downstairs room

Door to the bathroom from the hallway

1st bedroom downstairs

Basement door and the living room to the right

Living room. The window got blown out!

Kitchen window got blown out too and the cabinets didn't fare to well.

Dining room area

They started working...

Kitchen...(ugly) cabinets gone.

Front window gone.

Our counter tops in...

view from the top

Oh my beautiful cabinets :)

Backdoor and the dining area

Got the walls cleaned up and painted, fire place cleaned  but still working!

2nd bedroom downstairs ... love the new fans :)

1st bedroom upstairs painted but no flooring yet!

So now that all the repairs are done and we have moved in or mostly moved in (please ignore any stray junk) here is what it looks like! We can't complain :)

Samantha's closet (1st upstairs room)

Samantha's room

Love that sign SOLD!!!! We have a house :) And our nice new windows in the front!

Living room... the fireplace works :)

Not ideal arrangement in the living room but it's home :)

Other side of the living room!

Up the stairs and the front door!

2nd downstairs room... The soon to be office.

Hall space


The basement door and the master door off the the left. Hall closet to the right

Dan and My room (please ignore junk we are still getting settled)

Dan and My room from the other side. My purse is in the closet door.

2nd room Upstairs has become the toy room at least for the moment.

View from the stairs... toy room is to the right. The new fan and our reading space!

Top of the stairs

Top of the stairs facing the other way. Bookshelves!!!

Samantha's room, facing (obviously) the door. The built in book shelf needs to be sanded so the drawers work...

Dan installed me coat hooks!!!

Dining area

Kitchen. New fridge, microwave, and dishwasher as well as cabinets of course :)

And back door and the other side of the kitchen
I love our little home and I am grateful the Lord has blessed us with it. And you can't complain about an amazing neighbor either :) She's the best!!! So here we are starting a new chapter in our lives.